1. Mixtape RAR003

    Download → Rockets & Rayguns Mixtape RAR003

    As always, no particular theme other than a mix of stuff I’ve been listening to recently.

    1. Colin Newman - 123 Beep Beep
    2. Wire - Please Take
    3. Eurythmics - She’s Invisible Now
    4. Salem - Frost
    5. Villa Nah - Ways To Be
    6. Mirrors - Write Through The Night
    7. Spoons - No Electrons
    8. Blancmange - I’m Having A Coffee
    9. Blondes - Paradise City
    10. George Michael - Monkey (Jam & Lewis Remix)
    11. Scritti Politti - A Day Late And A Dollar Short
    12. James Blake - To Care (Like You)
    13. Senking - Death By Drowning

    Let’s start with a Colin Newman solo track from his 1982 album on 4AD. This, in my continuing effort to catch up Wire side projects. Colin’s good, but I probably prefer Graham Lewis’s side projects.

    Next is the first track from the very new Wire album. Is there another band this consistently good over a 35 year career?

    Here’s a 1981 pre-Sweet Dreams Eurythmics song from In The Garden. This album is notable for being produced by Conny Plank in Cologne. The album features members of Can and Markus Stockhausen (son of Karlheinz).

    Witchhouse? Whatever. I love the 808 programming in this Salem track.

    Both Villa Nah (Finnish) and Mirrors (British) have recently toured with OMD. These albums are the best recent take on synthpop.

    Mirrors reminded me of the 1982 album, Arias & Symphonies, by Spoons (Canadian). This album is a quirky new wave cult classic. It was produced by John Punter, who also produced Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music, and Japan.

    This new (yes, new!) Blancmange track is my new official theme song, by the way.

    I’m not sure why, but I had an urge to hear George Michael’s Faith, so I got the recent deluxe reissue. I’ve never been a Jam & Lewis fan, but this remix of “Monkey” turned out to be my favorite track on the bonus disc.

    Here’s one of two new-ish tracks from the new Scritti Politti compilation. It’s only going to make you yearn for a new proper album.

    A James Blake track, in case you’ve somehow managed to avoid hearing him thus far. Sadly, I missed him at SXSW this year.

    Closing with a new Senking track. I’ve been listening to Senking since his 1998 debut on Karaoke Kalk. This new album is one of the best things Raster-Noton-s released in a while. It’s like a subdued Pansonic.

    RAR001 here. RAR002 here.


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