1. mixtape rar002

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    The Soft Moon fits right into the current New Goth movement. Check them out if you like very early Cure, and Lycia. The British Sea Power song is notable for the lyric, “I’m a big fan of the local library.” Ride is here because Nowhere just got a fancy 20th(!) anniversary reissue. Fans of 4AD’s Dif Juz should check out I’m Not A Gun. ZTT’s new The Art Of The 12” compilation gives us this excellent Frankie remix, and inspired me to listen to the Human League and Eurythmics remixes. Scritti Politti has a new compilation out this week. “All That We Are” is my favorite track from their somewhat underrated Provision album. That new OMD track is a tribute to Kraftwerk (Ralph, Florian, Wolfgang, Karl), and leads into a 1980 late-Krautrock track by Klaus Schulze’s drummer, a Drexciya project (Arpanet being my favorite of their many endeavors), and an excellent track from the newest Kompakt Pop Ambient compilation. Enjoy!

    1. The Soft Moon - Into The Depths
    2. British Sea Power - Who’s In Control
    3. Ride - Polar Bear
    4. I’m Not A Gun - Turbine
    5. League Unlimited Orchestra - Love Action (I Believe In Love) (Instrumental Remix)
    6. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (Sex Mix Edit)
    7. Scritti Politti - All That We Are
    8. Eurythmics - Paint A Rumour (Instrumental Remix)
    9. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - RFWK
    10. Harald Grosskopf - B. Aldrian
    11. Arpanet - Probability Densities
    12. Bhutan Tiger Rescue - Beginner’s Waltz


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    is “paint a rumour” the version from “touch dance”? Haven´t heard it in ages, but i remember it being awesome.
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