1. Mixtape RAR001

    Rockets & Rayguns Mixtape RAR001

    Here’s the first Rockets & Rayguns mixtape. I’m not planning any specific themes for these, just a mix of whatever I’m currently thinking about and listening to (and have had a chance to rip onto my computer).

    A few tracks here are inspired by the new Destroyer album. The He Said track is from Graham Lewis’s ’80s solo project, which I’ve been revisiting in the wake of the new Wire album. The Serafina Steer is from a good album that I imagine nobody heard, and that reminded me of Virginia Astley. Propaganda is here representing my recent ZTT ranting. The Shriekback song is new and great. Let me know if you find something you like.

    1. Gill Mellé - OP (from The Andromeda Strain OST)
    2. Hans-Joachim Roedelius - In Liebe Dein
    3. Frazier Chorus - If The Weather Was Up To Me
    4. Prefab Sprout - Appetite
    5. The Blue Nile - Love Came Down
    6. Alphaville - The Voyager
    7. Serafina Steer - How To Haunt A House Party
    8. Virginia Astley - I’m Sorry
    9. Propaganda - Frozen Faces
    10. Austra - Beat And Pulse
    11. Shriekback - The Flowers Of Angst
    12. He Said - Do You Mean That
    13. Jon Brooks - Workings In The Grey Room

    Sorry for any wonky sound quality. Many tracks had to be transcoded in order to be stitched together.


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