1. Mixtape RAR008: Post-Pop, Part 2

    Download → Rockets & Rayguns Mixtape RAR008

    This mix is a sort-of-sequel to my previous ’90s post-pop mix. After creating that ’90s mix, I started wondering what the contemporary equivalent would be. Atlas Sound and Factory Floor came to mind immediately; right or wrong, I see them as current analogs to His Name Is Alive and Seefeel. Then I stalled and didn’t think more about it until I read a Tom Ewing tweet, suggesting that Purity Ring “could have been on Too Pure in ‘94.” And shortly after that, I read a Simon Reynolds 1993 interview with Insides, in which he describes the band as making “non-reto pop”. That “non-reto” tag is ultimately what best describes the previous ’90s mix, so I used that as a filter to help select these tracks.

    To be honest, I’m not entirely convinced the best tracks in this mix are equal to the best of the ’90s mix. That could just be because much of that ’90s music has attained a certain level of historical significance this newer material just can’t (yet) match. Also, I’m not sure this newer music is truly retro-free. The Darkstar track is, after all, a Human League cover, Esben And The Witch can sound an awful lot like Siouxsie, and the Advisory Circle is nothing if not nostalgic. The thing about retro is, once you start being annoyed by it you start hearing it everywhere. But nostalgia and influence don’t necessarily equal retro.

    1. Purity Ring - Ungirthed (2011)
    2. Factory Floor - Two Different Ways (Original) (2011)
    3. Gui Boratto - This Is Not The End (feat. Lucinda Villanova) (2011)
    4. Serafina Steer - Shut Up Shop (2010)
    5. Darkstar - Gold (2010)
    6. Nite Jewel - Falling Far (2010)
    7. Atlas Sound - Cold As Ice (2007)
    8. Julia Holter - Goddess Eyes (2011)
    9. The Advisory Circle - Lonely Signalman (2011)
    10. Epic45 - In All The Empty Houses (2009)
    11. Esben And The Witch - Souvenirs (2010)
    12. Tropic Of Cancer - Temporal Vessels (2011)
    13. To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie - Window Shopping (2007)


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