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    Science of the Sea is a 2011 record from fin to tail, and the rather lovely tale of Jürgen Müller is entirely invented. Did suspecting this make me like the record less? Certainly not. If anything, I enjoyed it more.


    The genuinely famous are prone to identity play too, of course— from Sgt. Pepper through Aladdin Sane to Sasha Fierce there’s a costume parade of super-identities waiting in rock’s wings.


    …while I’m grateful for the sleuths digging up the reality behind Jürgen Müller, it won’t stop me playing the record. In the end, the best thing about invented albums is that their music lets them become real.

    It’s smart of Tom to compare the fictional Jürgen Müller to Aladdin Sane. And it’s no accident this is a Poptimist piece. These sorts of invented personas directly attack silly rockiest notions of so-called authenticity.


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